Poster session 1 - June 18, 2018, 15:40 - 17:40 (P001 - P059)

Poster ID
A novel liquid phase microextraction procedure followed by HPLC-MS for separation and preconcentration of hormones in saliva samples - Andruch Vasil P001
Study of interactions between maghemite core/shell nanoparticles and polymyxin B - Baron Daniel P002
Analysis of selected nutritional supplements and foods with content glycosides flavonols (Vaccinium macrocarpon) by HTGC-MS - Blaško Jaroslav P003
Direct analysis beeswax, paraffin and stearin by MS detector without chromatographic separation - Galbavá Paulína P004
Faster GC-MS analysis with short narrow bore column and method translation - Griffaton Olivier P005
The possibilities of electrophoretic separations with fused silica capillaries modified by sub/supercritical water - Karásek Pavel P006
Chiral HPLC separation of amino acid enantiomers on a molecularly imprinted polymer based stationary phase - Lomenova Anna P007
Small scalepPurification of fractions from a complex pharmaceutical formulation using an analytical fraction collector and a UHPLC-MS system - Meričko Damián P008
Separation of highly polar compounds on monolithic silica capillary columns - Moravcová Dana P009
Silica capillary monolithic columns – synthesis, immobilization and chromatographic properties of novel phosphonium ionic liquid stationary phase - Planeta Josef P010
Electrophoretic chiral separation of oxaliplatin - Šebestová Andrea P011
Separation of cetirizine enantiomers by capillary electrophoresis with dual selector system based on borate-glucose complexes and sulfated-β-cyclodextrin - Švecová Petra P012
Microchip electrophoresis of homocysteine in biological samples - Troška Peter P013
Selection of extraction parameters for combined QuEChERS-DLLME-GC-MS analysis of pesticide residues in the cotton product - Zichová Silvia P014
Metabolomic signature of polycystic ovary syndrome - Buszewska-Forajta Magdalena P015
Solid phase microextraction for determination of free testosterone and metabolites - Bernátová Soňa P016
Ultra-high performance hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography – triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry method for determination of biologically important thiols in plasma using new derivatizing maleimide reagent: study on tauopathy - Galba Jaroslav P017
HPTLC–MS methods for determination of anthraquinones in Japanese knotweed - Glavnik Vesna P018
Second tier HPLC-MS/MS examination of C5-acylcarnitine false positive newborn identified in newborn screening for metabolic disorders due to nipple fissure balm usage in nursing mother - Gorova Renata P019
HPTLC and 1H NMR determination of the origin of impurities during isolation of (+)-catechin from the Japanese knotweed - Jug Urška P020
Enantiomeric separation of volatile organic compounds in Tokaj wines - Khvalbota Liudmyla P021
Analysis of selected biogenic amines in human urine by capillary electrophoresis on-line hyphenated with tandem mass spectrometry - Maráková Katarína P022
Targeted diagnosing by NMR spectroscopy – Deficiencies of Aminoacylase I and GuanidinoAcetate MethylTransferase (GAMT) - Matulová Mária P023
Determination of carotenoids and flavonoids in leaves of spinach and Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) using HPTLC and HPTLC-MS: a comparative study - Metličar Valentina P024
2D Chromatographic separation of cinnamon extract compounds to aid active compound identification - Naumoska Katerina P025
HPLC method for determination of immune system activation markers, creatinine and uric acid in human saliva – part I - Vernerová Andrea P026
Use high resolution accurate mass spectrometry for determination of colchicine extract suicidal lethal poisoning confirmation - Halko Radoslav P027
UHPLC-MS/MS method for determination of urinary retinol in patients with advanced cancer - Kučerová Kateřina P028
Development and validation of UHPLC method for determination of terbinafine and its impurities - Matysová Ludmila P029
Porous graphitic carbon for determination of twelve thiopurine nucleotides – development of HPLC method hyphenated with mass spectrometry - Pecher Daniel P030
Spectroscopic and HPLC study of sorption capacity and release mechanism of poly(2‑hydroxyethyl methacrylate) hydrogels for chemotherapeutic anticancer drugs - Trchová Miroslava P031
The structure of the angucycline-like antibiotic auricin from Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 - Uhliariková Iveta P032
Kinetic study on Clark I degradation in water - Gordon Diana P033
Analysis of caffeine and tramadol in environmental samples using combination of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry - Mišľanová Csilla P034
Chromatographic analysis of the bee brood organic volatile emission - POJAR-FENESAN Maria P035
Electrochemical degradation of pharmaceuticals and identification of their transformation products by mass spectrometry - Vojs Staňová Andrea P036
Fast determination of small anions in red wines using capillary electrophoresis with conductivity detection - Bodor Róbert P037
Utilizing of high performance liquid chromatography for the separation of epimers - Boháčová Iveta P038
HS-SPME/GC-qMS as a powerful strategy to establish the volatomic profile of juice and peel from Tahiti lime (Citrus × latifolia) - Figueira José P039
Molecularly imprinted polymeric sorbents for solid phase extraction and magnetic extraction of coumarins from plant samples - Hroboňová Katarína P040
Comparison of phenolic profiles in seleced new and old apple cultivars - Hollá Marcela P041
The varietal discrimination of plum brandies by the synchronous fluorescence, ultraviolet-visible and near infrared spectroscopy combined with chemometric methods - Jakubíková Michaela P042
Development of a HILIC–MS method for determination of hydroxyproline in chicken meat and its products - Kranjc Eva P043
The characterization of organic compounds in Tokaj wines using liquid-liquid extraction and GCxGC-HRTOF-MS - Machyňáková Andrea P044
HPAC/PAD determination of sugar profiles in honey - Milojković-Opsenica Dušanka P045
The utilization of ion-exclusion chromatography for determination of organic acids in beverages - Nagyová Andrea P046
Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in infant formula using solid state urea clathrate formation with gas chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry - Nyiri Zoltán P047
Determination of some selected pesticide residues in matrice of fruit juice by SPME connected with GC-MS - Purdešová Andrea P048
Speciation of selenium in plant and algae biomass samples using LC-ICP-MS - Revenco Diomid P049
The study of sulphur compounds in wine by GC-MS - Sochor Jiri P050
Study of selected antioxidants in Moravian wines fermented with autochthonous yeast species using HPLC/UV-VISStudy of selected antioxidants in Moravian wines fermented with autochthonous yeast species using HPLC/UV-VIS - Sochorova Lenka P051
The perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) contamination level in selected fruits and vegetables - Surma Magdalena P052
Analysis of selected parameters of Czech and Moravian wines - Švecová Blanka P053
UHPLC-LTQ orbitrap analysis of polyphenols in honey - Tešić Živoslav P054
Application of multivariate analysis to chromatographic signals for the determination of phenanthrene metabolites in different types of milk - MARTÍN TORNERO ELISABET P055
Determination of nitro-aromatic compounds in forensic samples employing microextraction by packed sorbent - Ulbrich Pavol P056
Effect of pressure-generated axial temperature gradient on the eluent properties in chromatography - Farsang Evelin P057
Prediction of peak width and asymmetry in linear and multi-linear gradient elution: Jandera’s approximation versus numerical integration - Navarro Huerta José Antonio P058
Effect of buffers on the reduction of silanol activity in RPLC with ionic liquids - Peris García Ester P059

Poster session 2 - June 19, 2018, 14:15 - 16:15 (P060 - P117)

Poster ID
Effect of multi porous layer on the efficiency of core-shell particles - Horváth Szabolcs P060
Temperature gradient interactive chromatography of polyolefins - Macko Tibor P061
Electrophoretic focusing on inverse electromigration dispersion gradient. The fundamental resolution equation and pressure-assisted performance enhancement - Malá Zdeňka P062
The determination of selected markers in animal feed samples - Hartl Nikoleta P063
Determination of binding constants of associates of Ru(II) and Fe(II) polypyridyl complexes with single-isomer sulfated cyclodextrins by capillary electrophoresis using ionic strength corrected ionic mobilities - Sazelova Petra P064
Determination of acidity constants and ionic mobilities of polyhalogenated 2-ammonium-decaborate and 1-ammonium-dodecaborate anions by capillary electrophoresis - Solinova Veronika P065
Monitoring of time-dependent changes in fingerprint residue composition by GC-MS/MS - Szabóová Žofia P066
Fast gradient on 5 μm core-shell columns for comprehensive two dimensional liquid chromatography - Hájek Tomáš P067
Modelling assisted method development of HPLC analysis of emerging contaminants - Novak Stankov Mirjana P068
Linkage analysis of plant polysaccharides - Patoprsty Vladimir P069
Uni- and two-dimensional LC separation of natural food colorants - Česla Petr P070
Characterization and analysis of macromolecules of biological and environmental origin by multidimensional liquid chromatography - Gora Robert P071
Determination of wide range of pharmaceuticals in fish samples by HPLC-ESI‑HRMS - Grabicová Kateřina P072
How the butylation assay affects the FIA-MS/MS determination of creatinine in urine samples - Jurdáková Helena P073
Combination of preparative IEF and MALDI-TOF MS for identification of microorganisms in biological samples - Salplachta Jiri P074
Analysis of organic acids using microchip electrophoresis coupled to ion mobility spectrometry - Hradski Jasna P075
Low pressure gas chromatography mass spectrometry for triglyceride analysis - Kubinec Róbert P076
Macroporous conducting polyaniline cryogels as potential separation media - Stejskal Jaroslav P077
Combination of capillary electrophoresis with microdialysis as an efficient tool for clinical analysis - Tuma Petr P078
Determination of partition coefficient in liposome – water system: GC/MS approach - Barták Petr P079
A development of HILIC-UHPLC-CAD method for fast separation and determination of steviol glycosides in natural and artificial sweeteners - Fibigr Jakub P080
Comparison of the methods for antioxidant capacity determination in both soluble and insoluble parts of various food samples - Cejpek Karel P081
Synthesis of new fluorescent tags for efficient glycan analysis - Čmelík Richard P082
Analysis of carbohydrates as a 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone derivatives by capillary electrophoresis in comparation by high performance liquid chromatography and methylation analysis - Hrivnakova Viera P083
A simple SPE/GC-QMSD method for the determination of 7-Methoxycoumarin in Tokaj specialty wines - Gorovenko Roman P084
Automated liquid extraction surface analysis coupled with capillary electrophoresis for rapid and sensitive detection of pesticides on a fruit surface - Jeong SunKyung P085
Determination of cobalt using nanosorbent and slurry sampling with electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry in water samples - Kriegerová Katarína P086
New molecularly imprinted polymer as an extraction sorbent for selective on-line SPE-HPLC determination of mycotoxin citrinin in food supplements - Lhotská Ivona P087
Minimization of „matrix effect” prior to capillary electrophoretic separation in bioanalysis - Miekus-Purwin Natalia P088
Solid-phase extraction with slurry injection of zirconium dioxide into ETAAS for trace determination of cobalt and nickel - Procházková Simona P089
Composition and biological activity of Lepidium sativum extracts obtained by different solvents and extraction techniques - Rafińska Katarzyna P090
Development of a sample preparation procedure for the analysis of primary aromatic amines from saliva with LC-MS/MS - Szabó Bálint Sámuel P091
Two-phase micro-electromembrane extraction across free liquid membrane for determination of acidic drugs in complex samples - Šlampová Andrea P092
Focusing approaches with alkyl sulfates and perfluorinated carboxylic acids micelles in aqueous-organic environment - Váňová Jana P093
Development of HPLC method for determination of enantiomeric purity of dexpanthenol in pharmaceutical preparations - Lomenova Anna P094
Silver nanoparticles in the production of ROS and DNA damage - Labuda Jan P095
Photoinduced fluorescence from phenylalanine using UV irradiation - MARTÍN TORNERO ELISABET P096
The application of liquid chromatography for the analysis of explosives and their degradation products in sediment samples from the Baltic Sea - Gordon Diana P097
Utilization of SBSE in determination of pesticide residues in water - Purdešová Andrea P098
Application of molecularly imprinted sorbents in analysis of vine samples - Hroboňová Katarína P099
Search of levels and fate of selected neonicotinoids in plant materials - Hrouzková Svetlana P100
Characterization of sweet wines using fluorescence spectrometry - Jakubíková Michaela P101
Aromatic profile of cabernet sauvignon rosé wines determined by HS-SPME-GCxGC-HRTOF-MS - Machyňáková Andrea P102
Assessment of thermal processing contaminant levels in selected carbohydrate-rich products from Polish market - Surma Magdalena P103
Determination of boscalid in ice salad by fast gas chromatography – mass spectrometry utilizing negative chemical ionization - Ulbrich Pavol P104
The effect of axial temperature and pressure gradients on the separation efficiencies of macromolecules - Farsang Evelin P105
Determination of optical purity of phenylthiophene-based chiral liquid crystals and the composition of their non-racemic mixtures - Kohout Michal P106
High temperature asymmetric flow field flow fractionation (AF4) of polyolefins - Kot David P107
Microemulsion liquid chromatography: Main features and applications - Peris García Ester P108
Comparison of search strategies for finding optimal multi-linear gradients - Navarro Huerta José Antonio P109
Application of SPME-GCxGC-HRTOF-MS for characterization of aroma compounds in grapes, noble-rotten berries, musts and wines of Furmint variety - Khvalbota Liudmyla P110
Effective Determination of Pharmaceutical Impurities by Two Dimensional Liquid Chromatography (2DLC) - van Beelen Eric P111
Testosterone serum calibrator kit - quantitation of serum testosterone across the entire therapeutic rance usin LC-MS/MS - Bernátová Soňa P112
Determination of volatile organic compounds in water (iso 17943) with SPME arrow - Griffaton Olivier P113
Improved extraction and cleanup of bovine tissue samples prior to multiresidue veterinary drug LC-MS/MS Analysis - Meričko Damián P114
Development of a dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method for the extraction of pesticide residues from nutraceutical drops - Szarka Agneša P115
Extraction of organic compounds by MonoTrapTM adsorbent from wine samples - Vyviurska Olga P116
Evaluation of matrix effect for the extraction of the pesticide residues by QuECHERS-DLLME from cotton product - Zichová Silvia P117