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Companies are invited to participate in the exhibition for presentation of their products and services to the delegates. Exhibitors at the ISSS 2018 conference will have the opportunity to meet a select number of key scientists and customers in the field of novel instrumentation for chromatography and electrophoresis, as well as sample preparation and mass spectrometry. The companies’ exhibition will be an essential part of the conference located in the central conference area where coffee breaks and poster sessions will be held. ISSS 2018 is expected to gather about 200 scientists from around the world, with a majority of scientists coming from Europe. For any further information regarding the available exhibition and sponsorship opportunities please contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marián Masár or Dr. Róbert Góra via email.

The organisers will gratefully accept any kind of support for the ISSS 2018 in Jasná, Slovakia. Please see the many possibilities on how to present your company at the event.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marián Masár
Phone: +421 949 174 263
Email: marian.masar@uniba.sk

Dr. Róbert Góra
Phone: +421 903 456 272
Email: robert.gora@uniba.sk