The origins of the International Symposium of Separation Sciences (ISSS) can be found in the Croatian gas chromatographic meetings held in Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes since 1967 until 1988. The 1st ISSS symposium took place in Bled (Slovenia) in 1990 and then alternates every second year in Slovenia and Croatia until 2000. After a joint meeting of the societies from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Slovakia, the Central European Group for Separation Sciences (CEGSS) was founded in 1998 at the 5th ISSS in Bled. During the next years, the CEGSS was extended by other permanent members and after 2002 the ISSS symposiums are annually organized by the CEGSS member countries.

Symposium Number Year Place, Country Chair(s)
1st 1990 Bled (Slovenia) Jože Marsel
2nd 1992 Opatia (Croatia) Srečko Turina
3rd 1994 Bled (Slovenia) Jože Marsel
4th 1996 Opatia (Croatia) Nikola Šegudović
5th 1998 Bled (Slovenia) Jože Marsel
6th 2000 Plitvice (Croatia) Nikola Šegudović
7th 2002 Pörtschach/Wörthersee (Austria) Wolfgang Buchberger
8th 2002 Toruń (Poland) Bogusław Buszewski
9th 2003 Siofok (Hungary) Szabolcs Nyiredy
10th 2004 Opatia (Croatia) Nikola Šegudović
11th 2005 Pardubice (Czech Republic) Pavel Jandera
12th 2006 Lipica (Slovenia) Lucija Zupančič-Kralj
13th 2007 High Tatras (Slovakia) Jozef Lehotay
14th 2008 Primošten (Croatia) Nikola Šegudović
15th 2009 Balaton (Hungary) Imre Klebovich
16th 2010 Roma (Italy) Danilo Corradini, Corrado Sarzanini
17th 2011 Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Virginia Coman
18th 2012 Toruń (Poland) Bogusław Buszewski
19th 2013 Poreč (Croatia) Tomislav Bolanča
20th 2014 Praha (Czech Republic) Aleš Horna, Pavel Jandera
21st 2015 Ljubljana (Slovenia) Irena Vovk
22nd 2016 Toruń (Poland) Bogusław Buszewskik
23rd 2017 Vienna (Austria) Erwin Rosenberg
24th 2018 Jasná (Slovakia) Milan Hutta, Dušan Berek